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security satisfaction integrity

FDR has spent the last 25 years developing valued added relationships with some of North America’s largest industries and corporate brands.


We listen to the concerns and interests of our clients and consumers while maintaining legal compliance to make sure all personal  information is kept safe. 

Client and Consumer Satisfaction

We want clients and consumers to have a positive experience with us. We want our consumers to know that we understand how stressful and frustrating debt can be. We want our clients to know that we offer solutions to our consumers to pay off debt. 


We value our relationships with our clients, consumers, and employees. We want everyone to feel that they can trust us, and that they are valued. 

Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing

FDR is a global provider of Contact Center Solutions focusing on Business Process Outsourcing. We utilize state of the art technology which empowers client customer support, 1st party receivable management, customer care, tech support, inbound/outbound sales and customer retention.

Receivable Management Solutions

Receivable Management Solutions

FDR has been providing best in class receivable management solutions to the North America Credit Grantor for over 25 years. We utilize compliance, technology and security to develop an outsourced collection solution for consumer and commercial credit grantors. Focussing on specialized statements of works, we develop a recovery program geared toward achieving our clients recovery liquidation targets.

Debt Buying & Funding

Debt Buying and Funding

FDR is a purchaser of defaulted customer accounts of all variations. We partner with major credit grantors across the U.S. and Canada to bring value to questionable corporate portfolio assets. These include Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposals, Loans, Auto Deficiency, and Credit Cards. FDR also provide funding for small to medium size collection agencies and debt buyers who may want to purchase distressed debt but don’t have the capital resources to acquire the debt themselves.

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