FDR utilizes state of the art Customer Interaction Technology as its one fully-integrated software solution for all our Contact Centers, Phone Systems, Dialer and Call Recording components.

There are no limitations to the capabilities of our Contact Center Platform from automated call dialing, SMS Messaging, blended campaigns, IVR, speech recognition, speech analytics and email.

Why a single platform? With over 25 years of multi-industry experience FDR has come to realize that technologies and vendors can come from all directions in a contact center. With this, complexity and costly customization can take over and eat into the bottom line. FDR’s Contact Center Technology is built on widely adopted standards for a resourceful and efficient communications foundation from ONE Vendor.

FDR has been in business for over 25 years and currently processes in excess of 1,000,000 client transaction records daily through a host of platforms and technology’s.

With only a small percentage of contact center seats outsourced worldwide, clients are in need of the latest in sophisticated technology, methods and processes that will help them balance an ever increasing gap between performance and technology costs. We Provide:
– Scoring Models
– Customized Analytics
– Speech and Interaction
– Portfolio Analysis
– Process Consulting

We are North America’s Receivable Management experts.

Contact us for more information on how Customized Analytics at FDR can assist in reducing costs and provide a better understanding of your customer database contact.

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