FDR has been providing third party receivable recovery programs to North America’s largest credit grantors since 1991. Executing successfully recovery programs that utilize cutting edge technology, ridged compliance, and top level security has been a big factor in why North America’s leading credit grantors chose FDR.

We’re are providing value to our debt collection clients every day.

The key to our success and what has made FDR a leader in North America recovery programs can be seen in three distinct areas:

  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Technology

We have a fully staffed Compliance Department who makes sure that all State, Federal, Provincial regulations and guidelines are met.

FDR is PCI Certified and ISO compliant and our I.T Security is audited on a monthly basis by some of North America’s largest Credit Grantors. Security at FDR is our highest priority and we manage our clients portfolio’s with the protection of their information as the highest priority.

FDR has a state of the art, award winning telephony, speech analytics and IVR system that provides our clients recovery programs with the highest contacts and recovery dollars in the industry. We are specialists in the following area:

  • Early Out Programs
  • Pre-Charge Off
  • Post-Charge Off (1st through 5th tier assignments)
  • Attorney Collection Services (Link to Attorney Collection Page)
  • Skip Tracing
  • Commercial Collections (Link to Rates and Contract)

We are North America’s Receivable Management experts.

With over 25 years of impressive achievements in the debt collections industry and over $2 Billion dollars’ worth of assignments annually flowing through our call centers, we are still able to provide our clients with customized services and standards second to none.

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