Attorney Collection Services

As a leading debt recovery company in Canada, our Legal Recoveries Group is equipped to collect debts across Canada through the Small Claims Court and Superior Court of Justice.

Attorney Collection Services

For all accounts situated in Ontario, we commence claims using our in-house team and retain, on behalf of our clients, a reputable collection paralegal or lawyer for claims commenced outside of Ontario.  Initiating our Ontario claims internally allows us to maintain lower legal costs, while also maintaining full control of our clients’ claims throughout the entire legal process.

Prior to initiating legal claims or actions, our team meticulously performs asset investigations to maximize our ability to fully recover after a judgment has been obtained through the court process. However, our legal team resolves the vast majority of claims through default judgment and settlement without the need for a trial; thus resolving matters in an expeditious and cost-effective manner for our clients. Where necessary, our legal services also include preparation for and attendance at all settlement conferences, motions, pre-trials, and trials.

With an in-house legal team comprising of both paralegals and lawyers, there is no ceiling on the monetary amount that we can pursue through litigation.

Subsequent to obtaining judgment, we utilize various legal enforcement strategies to recover on behalf of our clients, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Garnishment of bank accounts, wages, contracts;
  • Writs of Seizure and Sale – Land or Personal Property; and
  • Judgment Debtor Examinations to locate assets.

In the event that you have already obtained judgment against a debtor but have been unable to enforce it, our Legal Recoveries Group also provides post-judgment asset investigation and recovery services.

Our in house lawyers and paralegals are licensed through the Law Society of Upper Canada and are members in good standing.